[Libav-user] FFmpeg and avio_alloc_context (callback)

Denis info at denisgottardello.it
Wed Apr 11 23:16:29 CEST 2012

After a lot of time on studying FFmpeg I think there is something that does 
not works correctly. In order to produce a file you can use avio_open or 
avio_open_dyn_buf functions. But these functions are used for obtain a file.
There is another approach, a callback using avio_alloc_context function. For 
me this approach is a lot important but does not works correctly!
How you can try by using the attached source code you can obtain an avi file 
correctly but if you try mp4 or webm the produced files can not be played with 
vlc or other.
With ogg the program goes to crash.
Is my code wrong or is a problem of FFmpeg?

I hope you can help me.

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