[Libav-user] help with raw fifo as movie src & overlay

gstream at ccc2.com gstream at ccc2.com
Wed Feb 15 08:33:50 CET 2012

> Hey, got an idea for you. Try
> ffmpeg  -loop_input -i 800x600.jpg -an -s 1288x360 -vf
> 'movie=rtsp\\://\\:551/channel1,select='gte(t\,1)',scale=640:352[wm];
>  movie=rtsp\\://\\:551/channel1,scale=640:352[wm2];
> [in][wm] overlay=2:4[in+wm];
> [in+wm][wm2] overlay=646:4 [out]'
> -s 1288x360 -vcodec rawvideo /home/fifo/mpegpipe99.yuv
> This should skip first second of video from first source. Amount of
> time can be adjusted (second operand in gte( ).
> I can't test it, so i'm looking forward for your results.
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> Andrey Utkin
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Hi Andrey,

no joy I'm afraid. it just makes both streams break up and jitter. I
assume its because of the RTSP codec and timestamps not being the most
I am keen for advice on constructing the filter you mentioned, are there
any tutorials?

Also a bit of a NooB Q. but is there a way to update/change parameters
once the cmd has been started? In particular if we can get this delay
fixed, I am assuming some form of drift over a 60+ period and we would
need to dynamically adjust this over time.

Thx for the idea and help

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