[Libav-user] what is the -pix_fmt for AYUV?

gstream at ccc2.com gstream at ccc2.com
Fri Feb 17 00:30:13 CET 2012

Hi All,
I have listed my pix_fmts available on my encoder but can not work out
what ones match the FOURCC codes used by other applications. Can someone
advise what the rawvideo AYUV equivalent is for ffmpeg and how I work out
what the others are in fourcc.

IO... yuv420p                3            12
IO... yuyv422                3            16
IO... rgb24                  3            24
IO... bgr24                  3            24
IO... yuv422p                3            16
IO... yuv444p                3            24
IO... yuv410p                3             9
IO... yuv411p                3            12

i420             - GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_I420                           yv12   
         - GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_YV12
yuy2             - GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_YUY2
uyvy             - GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_UYVY
ayuv             - GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_AYUV

For example on www.fourcc.org/yuv.php

This is a 4:4:4 YUV format with 8 bit samples for each component along
with an 8 bit alpha blend value per pixel.

how do I find the matching pix_fmt?

ultimately I am looking to save the output from ffmpeg to rawvideo and
import it into GST without having to reconvert it to AYUV for internal

any thoughts or suggestions?

many thx

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