[Libav-user] Question regarding old deprecated functions

Peter Pearson peter at thefoundry.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 17:37:16 CET 2012


I've recently upgraded some code to the latest ffmpeg from git, 
previously the ffmpeg being used was from 4 years ago.

I'm having issues with two things specifically:

1. av_interleaved_write_frame()
I can't find any recent examples of using this - the existing code I had 
with the 4 year old ffmpeg builds (with changes to things like 
AVFormatContext* and other minor things), but generally crashes when 
running it - usually in utils.c/compute_pkt_fields2() with invalid 
timebase values. I've found a couple of examples of using it online, but 
they all use av_set_parameters() with comments mentioning it's needed:

2. av_set_parameters() used to be deprecated, but now it seems to have 
disappeared completely - is it still the case that this function (or its 
replacement) is required? If so, what should I use now?

Has anyone got any ideas or examples to point me in the right direction?

Peter Pearson

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