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Ajita Pandey Ajita-Pandey at hcl.com
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Decoding output ie being done by my hardware is 16 bit signed little endian PCM audio data .
My scenario is that I want to just decode/encoded functionality with my hardware and rest functionality be done by ffmpeg.
So I just to make it as a external library.

So for example I have one mp3 audio file then when ffmpeg called decoded_frame function of this decoder . I can call my hardware decoder API's and after that decoded data will return back to
Ffmpeg for further processing. I can decoded it successfully (I have checked with dump data). But not able to map it with further processing. Just want to know that if someone face similar issue.
What I need to do for this scenario.


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Decoding output is generally 32bit float or you can PCM float output.

Why do you mean by mapping the data??

I dont think you will be bale to map up the bytes of of both decoder.

Also, once you have decoded the content, what you want to do with the ffmpeg using that decoded data?  You want to re-encode it or some other operation you want to perform on the same>

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On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 1:39 PM, Ajita Pandey <Ajita-Pandey at hcl.com<mailto:Ajita-Pandey at hcl.com>> wrote:
Acttually I want to do this via my hardware decoder then try to return back to the ffmpeg code in AVFrame format .
For this I have seen the software decoding part of MP3 decoder but any how I am able to understand what type of output MP3 decoder generated
Is this any PCM format?? My hardware decoder will give me the pcm samples. So how can I map it with existing sequence of FFmpeg code.


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