[Libav-user] Muxing settings for h264 + mp4

ALESSANDRO PAGANELLI 83670 at studenti.unimore.it
Wed Feb 22 18:59:53 CET 2012

Hi all,

my name is Alessandro Paganelli and I'm a PhD student in ICT at University
of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy).
I'm working on a project (which uses Libav/Ffmpeg) in which I have to
transmit an h264 encoded file (with Mp4 file format) over a simulated
network (I'm using network simulator 3 for this), to "emulate" a real video

Now, I'm facing the problem regarding how to "rebuild" the transmitted file
at the receiver side. More in details, this issue regards the settings
needed to replicate the configurations for AVFormatContext, AVStream and
AVCodecContext, starting from the same structures I have at the transmitter.
As for now, I just copied the content of the sender's AVCodecContext
structure to the receiver's one, but the resulting file is broken. I
suspect that other settings have to be replicated too, but it's not clear
which ones are those required by h264 and Mp4.

Is there any document/tutorial about the required settings for each
specific codec or format?
More in general, do you have suggestions about how to approach this problem
for a generic combination of codec and format? I planned to implement
different possible combinations of them, so it would be great if there is a
"smart" way to copy these contexts without doing it "by hand" :) .

Thanks in advance,
best regards.



Ing. Alessandro Paganelli, Ph. D. Student, 25th Cycle

Department of Information Engineering
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
via Vignolese 905, 41125 Modena (MO), ITALY

E-mail: alessandro.paganelli at unimore.it
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