[Libav-user] DeckLink libavdevice

Deron deron at pagestream.org
Thu Feb 23 20:36:38 CET 2012

Taking Nicolas George's suggestion, I have created a basic libavdevice 
for Blackmagic's DeckLink HD-SDI cards. I'm thrilled to have it working 
to any degree (much easier than I expected), but still have several 
issues to work out. Where is the proper place to ask questions for a new 
libavdevice? ffmpeg-dev or here or ?

The most important is that the normal use of the device will be to 
output a specific frame size/fps and the audio is _always_ 48k s16le 2, 
8 or 16 channels.

The issues I'm not sure about are:

1) Automatically converting audio to 48k, s16le, 2/4/8 channels.

2) Automatically scale/crop video to output.

3) Proper configure detection of installed DeckLink includes.

And of course getting past the patch review ;-) I am certainly not 
compliant at this moment!

If creating an input device is as easy as this has been so far, then I 
hope to create a capture device next.



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