[Libav-user] AC3 -> LPCM -> MPEG2 PES

Pavel Sokolov pavel at sokolov.me
Tue Feb 28 17:08:02 CET 2012

28.02.2012 13:59, Andrey Utkin пишет:
> First of all, you asked to get LPCM _data_.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_pulse-code_modulation
> http://truehtpc.com/content/chto-takoie-pcm-ili-lpcm
>  From this, i assume that LPCM is not a container format, but raw data
> format. That is exactly what i described above, and what you get after
> avcodec_decode_audio().
> Now you talk about your hardware decoder... Maybe you should better
> ask straightly what your mission is, like "transcode a movie for
> playback on dvd-player "CORPORATION MODEL100500".
My h/w decoder is running on the  MIPS chipset Broadcom 7213. I think 
you don't know anything about this chipset.

LPCM header for MPEG2 PES info: http://www.mpucoder.com/DVD/ass-hdr.html

I have added LPCM header to the PES header over private stream 1 

Now h/w decoder can play decoded by ffmpeg ac3 stereo, but it still 
can't play ac3 5.1 sound.


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