[Libav-user] Batch trimming commands

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Jan 6 12:47:31 CET 2012

Simon Daniels <simondaniels23 at ...> writes:

> Oftentimes I need to trim several clips out of the same video.
> Unfortunately this means ffmpeg.exe must scan over the same sections
> of video over and over again to get to the clip's starting point. A
> more efficient way to handle this would be to batch trimming commands.
> Maybe something like: ffmpeg -i "original.avi" -ss1 0:10:00 -t1 0:00:30
"output1.avi" -ss2 0:15:00 -t2 0:00:30 "output2.avi".

Did you test your command line (without "1" and "2" except "output2.avi")?
It works fine here.

Carl Eugen

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