[Libav-user] url_open_buf, how to get the length of the used buffer ?

anubhav jain anubhav.nitt at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 10:04:40 CET 2012


I wanted to use url_open_buf to write frames into it. I wrote a sample code
for this, which is working fine with url_fopen . But i want to write into a
file from buffer at the end of processing and in between of the processing
use only buffer.

 uint8_t * buf = malloc(sizeof(uint8_t)*2048000);
  if (url_open_buf(&output_context->pb, buf, 2048000, URL_WRONLY) < 0)
    fprintf(stderr, "Segmenter error: Could not open '%s'\n",

...  if (av_write_header(output_context))
    fprintf(stderr, "Segmenter error: Could not write mpegts header to
first output file\n");


ret = av_interleaved_write_frame(output_context, &packet);
    if (ret < 0)
      fprintf(stderr, "Segmenter error: Could not write frame of stream:
%d\n", ret);

    if (segment_time - prev_segment_time >= config.segment_length)


     FILE *fp = fopen("temp.ts", "w");
     int si = url_close_buf(output_context->pb);
       printf("content %d", si);  //this is always 0
         fwrite(buf, sizeof(uint8_t), 1000000, fp);

When i use url_fopen its working fine . but i want to use buffer as a
How can i get the length of the buffer to write into a file?

Thanks in advance.
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