[Libav-user] Problems with time.h in ffmpeg util libary

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Nov 23 16:09:45 CET 2012

Hannes Wuerfel <hannes.wuerfel at ...> writes:

> Ah, perhaps my fault giving you compile errors in german.

Given that German is my native language, this is hopefully not 
the problem;-)
(If you mean my rant about the MSVC error message: It is missing 
the reason - source code line - why a specific header was 
included, this would imo not only make this issue easier to 

Allow me to try again:
You report that (current) FFmpeg cannot be compiled in projects 
that also include certain other libraries.
This would be very a important (critical) issue that has to be 
But the first step is that FFmpeg developers must be able to 
reproduce the problem. That probably means that you should 
provide a minimal source file and either a Makefile or - 
preferably - a compilation command that allows to reproduce 
the compilation problem.
(The solution is of course simple, but since it includes a major 
version bump it is extremely ulikely to happen without a 
reproducible report.)

Please note that the problem has been reported before, so far the 
issue was that incorrect header inclusion flags were given to the 

Carl Eugen

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