[Libav-user] hello i have some developement question as for the decoding-encoding process

Rafi Fisher rafi.fisher at wywy.com
Thu Nov 29 11:53:10 CET 2012

i 'm trying to convert an mp2 audia file into wav file format.
i.e decode mp2 file & then encode to wav file format.
using the ffmpeg libraries under windows & visual studio ide.

 it works fine as long as  i dont use different "frame_rate" of the one
that was used in the source mp2 file.

if i try to encode the dest. wav file with different frame rate then the
source (mp2 file)
& try to play the file it sound either too quick or too slow.

so i dont know how for example to convert from mp2 sample rate = 16000
to wav format 44000.

   thanks a lot
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