[Libav-user] Reference app with ffmpeg n1.2 libs that works on IOS ?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Apr 2 19:45:00 CEST 2013

Lars Hammarstrand <lars.hammarstrand at ...> writes:

> Tested to run ffmpeg (the tool) and it crashes every 
> time exactly on the same spot as xbmc!

Thank you for testing!

> Has n1.2 ever been tested on IOS?

Did you test it before?

> Question: shall I create a ticet on ffmpeg.org or at 
> libav.org (since the ARM HW optz orginates from Mans 
> Mullgards work) or both maybe?

Only trac is supported (and suggested) on this mailing list.

Please test current git head first to make sure the problem 
is still reproducible.

Could you run the testsuite (make SAMPLES=path fate) on the 
iPhone? This would allow to verify if only H264 is affected 
or also other codecs.

Does it work with -cpuflags -neon?
Does it work with --disable-neon?

Is this a regression, ie does it work with any older version?

Carl Eugen

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