[Libav-user] Hi, I am using the FFMPEg library (i.e. ffmpeg-20120622-git-c17808c-win32-shared) with PJSIP (i.e. open source SIP stack). In this case the PJSIP uses the FFMPEG for encoding decoding of video. Now my question is releated to H264 profile and setting for the same in FFMPEG. From PJSIP the H264 profile-level-id and profile-iop can be set, but only the profile-level-id gets reflected into the H264 packets generated by FFMPEg library, for example I set a profile like 42E01F, here both 42 (base profile) and 1F (i.e. profile-level-id 3.1) gets set but the profile-iop E0 doesn't gets reflected, the profile-iop seen in the H264 stream is C0.Same is case when I set 42801F, here as well the iop is seen as C0.Now Is there any limitation in FFMPEG to set different profile-iop with different/same profile-level-id? if not how can set it from and other software like PJSIP or does FFMPEG provide any API to do so?

manoj kumar manojkpanghal at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 08:04:49 CEST 2013

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