[Libav-user] Reference app with ffmpeg n1.2 libs that works on IOS ?

Lars Hammarstrand lars.hammarstrand at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 13:55:57 CEST 2013

2013/4/11 Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos at ag.or.at>

> Lars Hammarstrand <lars.hammarstrand at ...> writes:
> > Like a git submodule or what do you suggest?
> A link to github as on
> http://ffmpeg.org/platform.html#Darwin-_0028Mac-OS-X_002c-iPhone_0029
Well, I'm not sure a that just a link would make it more useful than having
our own copy of gas-processor during the automatic configure process that
xbmc conducts :) But read on...

The link explains:

*"Mac OS X on PowerPC or ARM (iPhone) requires a preprocessor from
http://github.com/yuvi/gas-preprocessor to build the optimized assembler
functions. Just download the Perl script and put it somewhere in your PATH,
 FFmpeg’s configure will pick it up automatically." *

The line "put it somewhere in your PATH" is the reason why xbmc introduced
a patch to make configure point out the gas-preprocessor with
an absolute path thus make it able to override any potential erroneous or
outdated versions of gas-preprocessor in the search path. I would rather
see a different solution in the future and get rid of this tedious but
still necessary xbmc patch so I'm open to any suggestions!

One idea could be to add an "gas" option to configure , like "
--gas=/abosolute/path/to/gas-preprocessor" (pls note that this does not
work:  "--as=/absolute/path/to/gas-preprocessor.pl /path/to/as..." ).

As an addition to the above suggestion, a version control of
gas-processor.pl during the configure process of ffmpeg would be a rather
nice complement.

Any ideas?

Regard, Lars


1. xbmc gas patch:

2.  not important but I would be most grateful if you were are able to
answer some of my previous questions as well:

> 1) Distribute a prepackaged version of gas-processor.pl
> > that works, together with ffmpeg.
> Very, very definitely:
> No.
Ok, I take that as a No ;-) May I ask why? Another alternative solution
could be using git submodule in the ffmpeg distro that points to a working
version of gas-processor, would that be ok?

> Note that I originally wanted to write that I find it an incredibly bad
> idea that xbmc contains its own gas-preprocessor script.

Well, first of all it's not xbmc's own gas-preprocessor but rather a copy
of a version that (at that time) was compatible with ffmpeg 0.10.2. If you
believe there is a better way, what do you suggest?

To be clear on this one:  how du you suggest we should automatic configure
and compile ffmpeg if xbmc should not contain it's own gas-preprocessor?
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