[Libav-user] how to mux MJPEG encoded data into AVI container

andro sendtofaraway at qq.com
Mon Apr 15 04:09:13 CEST 2013

Thanks! I have try all the command you have given, It worked well . 
But If I want to write a little program using libav* library to do the work .
What should I do ? can you give me some clue ? A little sample code would be better .

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From:  "Carl Eugen Hoyos"<cehoyos at ag.or.at>;
Date:  Thu, Apr 11, 2013 05:32 PM
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Subject:  Re: [Libav-user] how to mux MJPEG encoded data into AVI container

andro <sendtofaraway at ...> writes:

> I'm looking for a way to mux mjpeg (compressed) video 
> data into a video container like mp4 or avi.

$ ffmpeg -i input -vcodec mjpeg out.avi

> (I'll also need to add audio in the future) .

$ ffmpeg -i input -vcodec mjpeg -acodec ac3 out.avi

> I do not want decode the MJpeg data first ,and then 
> encode and mux it into AVI container .

$ ffmpeg -i mjpeg -vcodec copy out.avi

Generally, it is a good idea to test something before 
posting on this mailing list and report here if it 
does not work (includig failing command line and 
complete, uncut console output).

Carl Eugen

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