[Libav-user] AAC with FLV

Brad O'Hearne brado at bighillsoftware.com
Wed Apr 24 20:38:30 CEST 2013

On Apr 24, 2013, at 11:13 AM, Paul B Mahol <onemda at gmail.com> wrote:

> You are still trolling.

I've had a working app plus source posted on Github for the better part of a month trying to solve a problem for a client: 


Feel free to contribute a solution to the specific problem. I would greatly appreciate it. 

Otherwise, if list questions are that bothersome, if I could set up the inbox rule for your mail client to filter off my posts, I would, but I can't. I'm trying to solve a problem, and what's more it is for a client. I've asked questions, I've posted source code (a working capture app with a UI on top of it to boot). I've demonstrated repeatedly that I've read the FFmpeg documentation and source and extensively searched Google for answers -- this isn't an issue of looking for anyone else to do the work. This is a legit problem. 

So I'm going to continue to ask questions as necessary until this problem gets solved. If you are one of the FFmpeg maintainers and you speak for the list membership / management as a whole, and this is the general attitude towards the FFmpeg community (at least newcomers, which I'm not exactly, but perhaps relatively so) and support, then please bear with me long enough to get this problem solved for my client. After that, I'll be on my way, and I'll inform both my client and others who inquire about video/audio encoding solutions that this is what they will face if issues arise, and they can review the Libav history I was appraised of earlier (which appears to be just more of the same general communication dysfunction), and they can choose accordingly whether using FFmpeg and being dependent on this scenario for support or getting questions answered represents a commercial risk to them or not. 

I personally have no desire to make an enemy out of anyone or have adversarial communication, especially someone I've never met; nor do I have a craving for conflict that appears to be present on virtually every OSS mailing list. So again, I'm seeing this problem through, then I'll be gone unless/until another problem arises. 

Just a kid with a dream trying to make a living...


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