[Libav-user] error when building ffmpeg

Talha muhammad.talha22 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 11:40:50 CEST 2013

 am building ffmpeg and stuck in an unusual spot. Inside libavutil we have
float_dsp.h and float_dsp.c files. Inside these file there is a declaration
of a methond which is:

void (*butterflies_float)(float *av_restrict v1, float *av_restrict
v2, int len);float (*scalarproduct_float)(const float *v1, const float
*v2, int len);

when building and compiling this file i get this error and have no idea
what to do. I think problem is somewhere else but again have no idea at
all. Error is

jni/ffmpeg/libavcodec/../libavutil/float_dsp.h:150: error: expected
';', ',' or ')'  before 'v1'
jni/ffmpeg/libavcodec/../libavutil/float_dsp.h:161: error: expected
';' before 'float'

Anybody who wants to help please take a step forward because i have not
really got any support on ffmpeg during couple of weeks now.
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