[Libav-user] ffmpeg-1.2 (libavformat) encoder example

Gustav González xtingray at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 18:15:17 CEST 2013

Hello there!

Right now I am studying the file: doc/examples/decoding_encoding.c
aiming to update my own code to make it functional with ffmpeg 1.2

I found this message in the header of that file:

 * Note that libavcodec only handles codecs (mpeg, mpeg4, etc...),
 * not file formats (avi, vob, mp4, mov, mkv, mxf, flv, mpegts, mpegps,
etc...). See library 'libavformat' for the
 * format handling

So, my question is this: is there any encoder example using libavformat
based on
the latest version of FFmpeg?

I still remember an old file called "output-example.c" that I used to use
as base for my
video encoding classes. Now it seems that I will have to create different
encoding resources
depending on the codec/format I want to use, isn't?

Thank you for any hint! :)

  Gustav Gonzalez
  xtingray at gmail.com
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