[Libav-user] libav-user list post!

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Mar 4 11:12:10 CET 2013

thanh nhan thanh nhan <nhanndt_87 at ...> writes:

> >$ ./configure --disable-everything --enable-protocol=file 
> >--enable-demuxer=aac,mp3 --enable-parser=aac,mpegaudio 
> >--enable-decoder=aac,mp3 --enable-encoder=pcm_s16le 
> >--enable-muxer=wav,pcm_s16le


> So, We cannot remove any library in link command. 
> What we can do is downsize the libraries. Am i right?


> All of features i need is: decoding the aac, mp3, 

> ogg, flac, wma, m4a, 3ga, wav 

Then please try to add them to the configure line I 
posted above and start testing. The configure options 
--list-decoders, --list-parsers etc. will help you.
If there is a feature / decoder / demuxer that you 
fail to add, ask again!

> into pcm file and then resample pcm file into 
> expected sample format, number of channel and 
> sampling rate.

Add --enable-filter=aresample to allow resampling etc.

Carl Eugen

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