[Libav-user] Posting a sample project on Github

Brad O'Hearne brado at bighillsoftware.com
Wed Mar 13 20:37:18 CET 2013

Hey guys, 

My efforts to capture from a MacBook Pro camera and microphone using QTKit, followed by encoding to to FLV and streaming (with which a number of you have offered some very appreciated assistance) are very close, but not quite complete. In a nutshell, I've been able to proceed past my previous audio resampling errors to the place where I now have both video and audio being converted (video), resampled (audio), encoded, and streamed. All runs error-free, and the video looks great, but the audio is just complete junk -- sounds like whitenoise...pure static, no trace of the proper audio that should be recorded. 

I've worked with this code and scoured the Internet and various blogs / sites for a few a number of days now with hopes for insight on the issue. My gut tells me that the problem at this point is probably ridiculously simple, a pointer wrong or a few lines of code not quite right. As I've encountered others having similar cluelessness, and no apparent "here's how it is done" answer, and both phrasing questions and identifying the source of the problem at this point is starting to become a bit difficult, I thought that I could knock out two birds with one stone by posting a sample app on Github...both for getting help debugging the problem, and leaving a prototype up there which others can reference which will point the way for how to accomplish this with FFmpeg. 

So in order to do this, and respect FFmpeg etiquette and licensing terms, is it desired that I include with my source code on Github: 

a) Just FFmpeg built binaries. 
b) FFmpeg built binaries plus unarchived FFmpeg source. 
c) FFmpeg built binaries plus archived source. 

If someone could lend me a tip as to what the maintainers would like to see, I would greatly appreciate it. Some time thereafter I hope I can get a runnable Mac app posted which encapsulates exactly what I'm doing, that hopefully will give the audio gurus on this list an easily identifiable issue they can point out. 

Thanks for your help...let me know on the posting guidelines. 


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