[Libav-user] libswresample vs libavfilter for target format conversion

Jorge Israel Peña jorgepblank at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 10:19:39 CET 2013

> No you can not. That commit is for using audio filters via ffplay and
> have nothing
> to do with libswresample.

I was saying that I could probably use that commit to learn how to use
libavfilter, not libswresample.

> ffmpeg/ffplay just use filter(s) to convert it to wanted format but you
> are not required to use filter way, it is just another abstraction of
> libswresample.

Thanks, this was my source of confusion. I had seen other mailing list
messages in which people suggested using filters instead of libswresample
for conversion. I wasn't aware that audio filters in that case were just an
abstraction of libswresample.

And you do not need to use libavfilter's filters for this.

Indeed my application already used libswresample and worked perfectly. I
was just confused as to why it seemed some people recommended using filters
instead, and what the difference was.

Thanks again, I appreciate the help.

- Jorge Israel Peña
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