[Libav-user] noise on mp3-decoding

Alexey Belkevich belkevich at mlsdev.com
Tue Mar 26 17:00:33 CET 2013

Also, I found this note in avcodec_decode_audio4 description

You might have to align the input buffer. The alignment requirements depend on the CPU and the decoder 

Is anyone know what it means? And how I can align buffer?
> Hello! 
> I'm building an iOS audio player. I've tested playback in iOS Simulator (i386) and everything was fine. But when I've tested it on iPhone (ARM) there was only noise. Other formats are playing fine.
> I've done little research, and there what I found:
> 1) av_read_frame - returns the same data on both device and simulator (I've checked it in packet->data)
> 2) avcodec_decode_audio4 - returns DIFFERENT data on device and simulator (I've checked it in frame->data)
> Can it be related to ffmpeg compiling options?
> Any ideas?
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> Alexey Belkevich

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