[Libav-user] Compiling using Xcode

Oleg mybrokenbeat at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 11:21:09 CET 2013

Short answer - there is no easy way for this. 

But you can do following:
1. Integrate ffmpeg into xcode project with "XCode->New->Target->Other->External build system". You can find(google) lot of examples on how to use it with configure & make. This will give you ability to "Build", "Clean" and "Run". I don't know exactly, but probably you should also run configure script with --extra-cflags=-g to be sure that debugging symbols are produced in ffmpeg's libraries. Also you must be sure, you're using same compiler and debugger both for xcode project and for building ffmpeg libraries (best of all it would be clang gcc and gdb). Otherwise, you will see strange things while debugging.


2. Integrate ffmpeg as separate xcode project, with different targets that produce libav* libraries. It's much harder than #1 option, but it has some advantages. As well you also need here additional "External build system" for building files with "yasm" compiler.


> I am attempting an OSX project using the libav libraries using Xcode.  I am able to successfully build static libraries using ./configure make and integrate them into my project. Everything is time there.  I am now interested in creating a project where I can source-code debug down into the libraries themselves using my Xcode development platform.   Is this possible?  If so can someone please point me it the right direction.
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