[Libav-user] Video and audio timing / syncing

Kalileo kalileo at universalx.net
Sat Mar 30 05:10:34 CET 2013

On Mar 30, 2013, at 04:25 , Alex Cohn wrote:

> I am sorry I cannot write a detailed answer right now from my phone. Basically, the pts you set before encoding should be the right one, because you have little control over the delay introduced by the encoder. But this depends on the codec and on the container.
> I beg to differ from Kalileo in one aspect: the codec may care about pts, but on the other hand it may not.

We do not differ here. 

Codec as in decoder for video or audio, i don't see that, (except rearranging the order of video frames based on PTS as in x264 containing b-frames, if needed), but codec as in muxer to write the combined video, here it will check if the DTS/PTS values you provide are somewhat plausible.

Then again, I'v only worked with a few codecs, x264, aac, mpegts, so my view of the codec world might be quite limited.
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