[Libav-user] sws_scale crashes

黄轩宇 xuanyu.huang at gmail.com
Thu May 2 14:53:03 CEST 2013

Hi Guys,

I met a crash when doing image conversion (just pixel format conversion, no

sws_context is got using sws_getContext (I also tried sws_getCachedContext)

code fragment is here:

pFrameConverted = avcodec_alloc_frame();

int numBytes = avpicture_get_size(LPixelFormatToFFMPEG(vfSource.pf),
vfSource.iWidth, vfSource.iHeight);

buffer = (uint8_t *)av_malloc(numBytes*sizeof(uint8_t));

avpicture_fill((AVPicture *)pFrameConverted, buffer,
LPixelFormatToFFMPEG(vfSource.pf), vfSource.iWidth, vfSource.iHeight);

// pCurrentFrame is the AVFrame object returned by av_decode_video2

sws_scale(pSwsContext, pCurrentFrame->data, pCurrentFrame->linesize, 0,
vfSource.iHeight, pFrameConverted->data, pFrameConverted->linesize) ;

sws_scale crashes randomly (crashes in different frames).

Can anyone provide any idea on this?

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