[Libav-user] MXF XDCAMHD422 reading no per-frame timecodes

rolaoo Gazeta.pl rolaoo at gazeta.pl
Fri Nov 15 12:14:17 CET 2013


I am working on MXF XDCAMHD422 files. I want to access per-frame timecodes
which are embedded in MXF system item, short reminder: according to the SMPTE
385M, essence coding is a sequence of following KLVs:
system item
picture item (MPEG frame)
sound item
It seems that the demuxer is properly redistrubuting picture item to a
video stream and sound item(s) to audio stream(s), however system item
is not processed and thus there's a lack for per-frame timecodes. I was
looking at mxfdec.c source and it looks that the only processed timecode is
essence starting timecode. This means also that a alternate per-frame
timecode mechanism which is additional SMPTE timecode track won't work with
ffmpeg too. Am I rigt with my considerations or am I missing something?

best regards

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