[Libav-user] Using Mediacodec to decode video packets from FFmpeg's av_read_frame

Alex Cohn alexcohn at netvision.net.il
Mon Nov 25 19:20:46 CET 2013

On Nov 24, 2013 9:59 PM, "sirvo" <sylviojalves at gmail.com> wrote:
> Alex Cohn wrote
> > The first thing yo check in such situation is if the stock video player
> > (which uses the same hw decoder internally) can play this h264 video
> > better.
> >
> > This may involve using ffmpeg on a PC to remux (without transcoding) the
> > file into some format that the player recognizes, e.g. mp4, with `vc
> > vopy`.
> The type of file I've been testing is a .ts h264.
> MXPlayer plays it flawlessly.
> I'll convert the .ts h264 file to mp4 without transcoding and check if
> native video player does the job.
> sirvo

Actually, the player should support .ts files natively: see

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