[Libav-user] Fwd: Problems with RTMP streams on FFMpeg

Zuwei Li zuwei at imrsv.com
Wed Oct 9 03:27:56 CEST 2013

I am using FFMpeg to receive RTMP streams. It decodes and plays the RTMP
stream correctly but I have problems playing the video for long periods of

It seems that

av_read_frame(format_context, &packet);

returns an AVERROR_EOF after playing for a period in time say 7 or 8 mins,
this occurs randomly, when that happens I presume that the stream has ended
so my playback stops.
However, the playback hasn't reached the actual video duration.

My question is if this behaviour is characteristic of RTMP streams, if so
is there a way to properly stream RTMP reliably so the playback can
continue for long periods using FFMpeg

Li Zuwei
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