[Libav-user] Seeking in VBR MP3 file

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Oct 28 18:40:17 CET 2013

Tuukka Pasanen <pasanen.tuukka at ...> writes:

> I pulled down version 2.1 from git version and there is no 
> change. Commit 'e096283' seems to fix MP3 CBR like it says. 
> Some VBR level 1 files works also sounds pretty good. One 
> starts to  hear more errors from VBR level 2 and above. I 
> made some test files with lame 3.99.5 and get same results 
> from VBR level 1-4 (Lame now defaults to level 4). Is there 
> some debugs that I can put my fingers in?

Is the problem also reproducible with ffmpeg (the application)?
Look at ticket #2590 for another example that was reproducible 
with ffmpeg. If it is reproducible, please provide a test case.

Carl Eugen

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