[Libav-user] Closed GOP structure problem

Valentin Noël van at mikrosimage.eu
Fri Dec 19 16:08:22 CET 2014

Hi to all,

I would like to encode MPEG-2 video with closed GOP of 12 frames, and a
structure like IBBPBBPBBPBB.
For doing this, I am using these options :
*-g 12* to set the GOP size
*-bf 2* to set the max B frames between reference frames
*-flags +cgop* to use Closed GOP
*-sc_threshold 1000000000* to disable scene change detection

However, the result is a GOP of 10 frames IBBPBBPBBP, with two missing B

How can I do to fix this ? Is there something missing ?

It seems that a "strict_gop" parameter (or "sgop" flag) used to exist in
former versions of ffmpe to enforce GOP size. Is there an equivalent
nowadays ?


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