[Libav-user] Does the image2 demuxer work with a custom AVIOContext?

Robert Krüger krueger at lesspain.de
Sun Jan 12 16:49:05 CET 2014


I am having problems programmatically extracting metadata like size
and pixel format from a dpx image using a custom AVIOContext. Should
that work or does the image2 demuxer only work with files even in the
single-file case? Or is there something I need to watch out for when
using it this way?

In my case the call to avformat_open_input fails already. The same
code generally works and has been used/tested with a lot of formats
for a long time. It just seems to fail on formats that the command
line tool opens with the image2 demuxer (I also tried jpg and png). Is
this related to not having a file name and if so, is there a way to
fix this?

Thanks in advance,


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