[Libav-user] Understand read_frame_internal

Mayank Agarwal mayank77fromindia at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 23:03:58 CET 2014


I am trying to understand parsing in ffmpeg.

Please help me clear the following doubts:

1.In read_frame_internal there is if loop like this:
st = s->cur_st;
        if (st) {
where it gets current stream pointer
Please clarify if it goes in this if loop or else loop
where it calls av_read_packet ?

2.Also in if loop if(!st->need_parsing || !st->parser)
it checks for these flags ande calls av_add_index_entry
where these flags(need_parsing,etc) are set/reset ?

3.Also if it is av_read_packet function where the actual
data is getting transferred from AVFormatContext *s to
AVPacket *pkt or is there any other function?

I am asking all these questions if i am taking simple mp4 file
probing/parsing,demuxing,decoding and playing it.

Please pardon me if i am answering very basic.

Also if there is any documentation about functions/headers used in ffmpeg?

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