[Libav-user] SEEK ISSUE

Yamusani Vinay yamusanivinay at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 08:11:53 CET 2014

Hi All,

 Actually an android application for playing music I used ffmpeg.I am using
the following code for seeking the song in ffmpeg..

  int defaultStreamIndex = av_find_default_stream_index(fmt_ctx);

  int seekStreamIndex = (audio_stream_index != -1)? audio_stream_index :

  int64_t seekTime = av_rescale_q(seekValue*AV_TIME_BASE,

  int64_t seekStreamDuration = fmt_ctx->streams[seekStreamIndex]->duration;


  if (seekTime > 0 && seekTime < seekStreamDuration)

   flags |= AVSEEK_FLAG_ANY;

  int ret = av_seek_frame(fmt_ctx, seekStreamIndex, seekTime,flags);

  if (ret < 0)

   ret = av_seek_frame(fmt_ctx, seekStreamIndex, seekTime,AVSEEK_FLAG_ANY);


The length of the seek bar is total duration in milliseconds..for
ex:totalduration is 3:20

then seekbar length will be 200.

The above code is working for some of the songs..but for some songs If I
seek  the song to for ex:3:00 or 2:40 then the song lasts for 3:50(actually
duration is 3:20).If I don't seek and play it normally it ends at correct
position.So please suggest me in solving this problem.

Thanks & Regards,

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