[Libav-user] Ffmpeg compatiility problem

Ingo Foerster foerster at ifoerster.com
Sun Mar 9 11:23:18 CET 2014

Hello libav developers,

my  Name  is  Ingo  and  I'am  new  to  ffmpeg and its mailing list. I
overtake  a  project  from  another  developer.  This project is using
ffmpeg libs.

I  have  a  problem  with  older  ffmpeg, I hope it is ok to post this
question  here.  If  it is only dedicated to newest libs please let me

Ok,  my  probelm:  The  project is using very old libs but I needed to
update them to use Opus. However, I was able to update the ffmpeg libs
to  the  release  1.08  "Angel".  Everything  works fine but all files
bigger than 2 GB are damaged. Mediainfo shows no content.

I  think  there  is a bug with write_trailer on files bigger than 2 GB
with  this  version  but  I  cannot  find  any  information about this
problem.  Currently  I'am  not  able  to  use  the 1.1.9 "Fire Flower"
version  because it is not compatible with the software. I will update
this later.

So  anybody  here  who  knows the problem in "Angel" with files bigger
than 2 GB? And can give me a hint to find a patch or the git version I
have to use to get a fixed version?

(BTW: I use NTFS).

Many  thanks  in  advance. And myn thanks to the ffmpeg developers for
this great software,



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