[Libav-user] Mixing many video and audio files

Marcin krycho marcinus_007 at wp.pl
Tue Mar 25 23:15:04 CET 2014

I am developing APP for Android with FFMPEG library. So far I am able to achieve this using FFMPEG:
1. Create mp4 video from screen shots.
2. Add audio stream to this video from AAC file.
This is working perfectly. Next I would like to mix to this mp4 file more sound from other audio or video files. Sound from other mp4 files can start and end at any moment of movie.

I assume this is amix command, but how to do it using FFMPEG API in code? I was not able to find any examples of muxing files in code. Any filter has to be created? Is it possible to somehow "add" audio frames in order to achive "sum" of these frames? And result frame add to audio stream of mp4 file? Any help and code examples would be appreciated.

Thanks, M

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