[Libav-user] Recording an RTSP stream

Mert Gedik gedikmert89 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 12:23:23 CET 2014

Hello Roman,

Thanks for the info you gave,

I am appreciated If you share an example of how to do that you mentioned,


- MG

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 10:57 AM, Roman Fietze
<roman.fietze at telemotive.de>wrote:

> Hello Mert,
> On Thu, 27.03.2014 10:27:41 Mert Gedik wrote:
> > I've successfully implement my rtsp player and now I want to save
> AVPackets
> > WITHOUT any transcoding...
> I'm doing something like that. I stream media from up to four
> AXIS-Cameras using RTSP and libav 2.1.4 w/o decoding the
> frames/packets, just looking at their flags, and cut them into pieces
> every let's say 60 seconds, so the resulting files don't get too
> large.
> > I don't want to change any property or any setting in the stream
> I'm not sure if you will get away that easiliy. I had to rescale
> DTS/PTS and durtion in order to be able to play those clips.
> But the image and audio data is absolutley untouched.
> If you want me to post some (the relevant parts) of my work, just let
> me know. I've written a very small test program to test the code bevor
> trying to get it work in our "big" SW. Probably that can help you a
> little bit.
> Roman
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