[Libav-user] undefined reference to av_frame_alloc/free

Jason Blum jason.j.blum at gmail.com
Fri May 30 01:48:47 CEST 2014

> > Can you print out the verbose command that cmake creates, instead of
> just the parsing of the file as you did > before?  That is, VERBOSE=1.

Pastebins with the verbose cmake output:
WITH -lavutil: http://pastebin.com/EmFXG8Dc
WITHOUT -lavutil: http://pastebin.com/vs18fdqj

I don't really understand why this isn't working, because the linking order
seems correct. I do see that the full path of the shared library objects
that ROS uses normally are written out completely. Do I need to create a
ffmpeg package finding module .cmake file to make the .so full path appear?

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