[Libav-user] write hls stream to disc

Georg Stein georg_stein at t-online.de
Wed Apr 15 06:20:57 CEST 2015

i wrote an app what writes live streams as a file to the disc. This 
works very well with mosz of the streams but some of them are making a 
long pause while receiving the segments - means i get a segment writeit 
to disc and then it takes around 6secs to get the next one. The ffmpeg 
command line tool has not this problem, so i think i forget here something.

so my question is, do i have to set special things (avoptions, flags) to 
the avformat context of the input to get this liquid, like a buffer, or 
perhaps the connection is always dropped after ech segement (it also 
takes very long for the first connect to the stream server)

right now i search in the ffmpege/ffplay sources to see what they did 
here, but this is not the easyest job

with regards

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