[Libav-user] Adaptive bit rate support with ffmpeg

Ramanathan Annamalai ramanathan.jeevana at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 14:15:55 CEST 2015

Hi ,

I am trying to play a .m3u8 using ffmpeg-2.7.2.
avformat_open_input(&formatContext, "/home/ram/m3u8/sl.m3u8", NULL, NULL);

The issue is, What ever may be the bandwidth of the system, only the first
entry in m3u8 file gets picked.  How can I make it more responsive to pick
the correct target link corresponding to the current bandwidth ?

For instance, consider a m3u8 file like below. What ever may be the
bandwidth only the first link "http://<qthttp.test.com.test.net>/<some
link>/0150_vod.m3u8" gets picked. though i have bandwidth more than 300000
the second link doesn't gets picked. But if I move the second entry to the
first position it gets picked even if bandwidth is less than 300000

http://<qthttp.test.com.test.net>/<some link>/0150_vod.m3u8
http://<qthttp.test.com.test.net>/<some link>/3340_vod.m3u8

Similar issue i observe in the below link.

Can some one help me with some pointers on what I am doing wrong ?

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