[Libav-user] sws_scale slow on arm with big resolution

Lukasz Marek lukasz.m.luki2 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 00:28:04 CEST 2015

W dniu środa, 5 sierpnia 2015 Olivier Roger <oroger at prynel.com> napisał(a):

I have identified sws_scale as the bottleneck. On a samsung tablet
> with a 2500*1600 display it take more than 100ms to convert YUV to RGB
> causing huge latency in the video stream.
> Is there a way to speed up this conversion ? It doesn't seems to be
> hardware accelerated

sws stands for software scaler (or something like that) so don't be
supprised it is software coversion. if you render to opengl context/or you
are able to, then you may want to do this conversion in opengl shaders. i
used to easy play full hd on ipad2 using ffmpeg for decodig with color
space conversions in shaders.
you may use libavdecive.opengl* as refference or use directly.
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