[Libav-user] Optimizing HLS Video Startup/Seeking on iOS

Louis Lapat lou at versa-digital.com
Sat Aug 8 21:52:16 CEST 2015

Hello there,

We stream HLS with byte range support to an iOS app.  We use these flags:

ffmpeg -i bigTSFile.ts -codec copy -hls_flags single_file -hls_time 2
-hls_list_size 0 -hls_allow_cache 1 out.m3u8

We host the file on S3 and it streams at about 700 kb/s.

We would like all videos to load within seconds even in low internet
speeds.  Currently, at lower internet speeds the video startup time and
seeking time is terrible.  The videos only load fast with good internet
speeds.  Any suggestions on how to optimize this?  Some ideas we have:

One idea we had was to use multi bitrate encoding and make a stream at 400
a)  Is it possible to modify above command to achieve this?  If not, how
would we do it with ffmpeg?
b) Any other suggestions on how to decrease startup time?
c) Suggestion to optimize seeking?

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