[Libav-user] File does not seem to close

Kevin J. Brooks kbrooks at r2c-ss.com
Thu Aug 20 18:48:25 CEST 2015

Hello All,

I am using the following function call to open the file for encoding video:

avformat_alloc_output_context2(&m_oc, m_fmt, NULL, filePath.c_str());

Then when I want to stop recording the video, I use this function to 
free it:


The issue is, if my program is still running and the user opens Windows 
Explorer, the file size is showing as zero.  Also, inside my program the 
user can browse the directory and delete videos.  If the user tries to 
delete a video that was created during the current session, the file 
will not delete.  The user can open it and play it, however.

I am assuming there is another function call I need to make to properly 
close the file.  Can anyone tell me what call I am missing?

Kevin J. Brooks
Senior Software Engineer
R2C Support Services
200 West Side Square Suite 604
Huntsville, AL 35801
Office: 256-684-8383 ext. 104

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