[Libav-user] AAC encoder not returning final samples

Henry, David David.Henry at echostar.com
Thu Aug 20 20:45:07 CEST 2015

> I am new to ffmpeg/avlib and what I am trying to do is just decode and encode back again an aac file. I don't try to make any changes to the file although the avlib encoder is producing a file with more initial padding than expected and it is cropping the final frames of the audio clip.
> I exported the avframes created by the decoder and all the file information is there. It is at the encoding step that I am doing something wrong.

It sounds like you are not flushing the libfdk-aac encoder at the end.  The encoder holds on to audio samples internally while you are encoding and you need to flush those last samples
When you are finished encoding.
- David
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