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Tue Feb 10 18:13:00 CET 2015

Hi Carl, thanks for your quick response!

>> trying to playback a file encoded with the Sony SR 
>> codec but getting a lot of decoder errors 
> Please provide a sample.

Here are a couple of samples directly from Sony:
23.98p SR Lite (4:2:2 @ 220 Mbps) <http://www.zsyst.com/video/7_SR_Lite_HD_23.98p.zip>
23.98p SR 422 (4:2:2 @ 440 Mbps) <http://www.zsyst.com/video/8_SR_422_HD_23.98p.zip>
23.98p SStP SR (4:4:4 10 bit @ 440 Mbps) <http://www.zsyst.com/video/9_SR_444_HD_23.98p.zip>
>> and later a crash:
> Please understand that crashes are nearly aways 
> serious issues, please provide the necessary 
> information as explained here:
> http://ffmpeg.org/bugreports.html <http://ffmpeg.org/bugreports.html>

I’m not sure if this came out the right way. The crash was related to the fact that the MPEG 4 decoder couldn’t handle the file properly. 
This led to the fact that the pixel format couldn’t be detected. The crash happened during swsGetCachedContext only because it didn’t receive a valid display format.
So I wouldn’t say that this is a serious issue. Just looks like the codec type is not supported.

Do you still want me to file a bug report?

Best regards,

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