[Libav-user] Encoding problem using AV_PIX_FMT_YUV422P10

Dirr Bernhard Bernhard.Dirr at newtec.de
Thu Feb 19 09:41:19 CET 2015

Hi Maziar Mehrabi,
thank you for your interrest. Indeed the problem was within my own code (as usual).
But your advice made me to debug again the application.
I figured out that in method VideoCoder::decodeV410() the range over the horizontal loop was not
initialized at every new pixel line.
Is there any interrest to see working code in examples?
Regards & thanks
Bernhard Dirr
Sorry I'm not much of help, but if I want to answer your questions correctly then I have to investigate your code and do some debugging.
However, I can suggest you what to do. First of all, change your code and study its behaviour. If you are suspicious that type casts are incorrect, then change them to something else (or don't cast at all) and see what happens. And if you are suspicious about allocations, one other alternative is to use av_malloc. First you should get the size with avpicture_get_size though.
One more suggestion is to play with the Y, U, V, Grey limits that you have defined and see how it changes the output.
Good luck,
Maziar Mehrabi
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