[Libav-user] Would anyone find an OS X / Cocoa / Swift wrapper for Libav useful?

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> This is not the best situation, and it is kind of a dubious label for Libav to be declared as working and/or supported on OS X if there are no devs using OS X or supporting it. I have generally found answers to most of the issues I have had to work through, but finding those answers has been slow-going, and a tedious process. My purpose here is to poll the list members to ask if anyone would find any value at all if someone created an OS X / Cocoa / Swift (and possibly iOS) wrapper for Libav? 
> Perhaps I’m the only one on the planet using Libav on Apple platforms, though I’m betting I’m not (actually I know I’m not, as a few have contacted me off-list). Also, it might take some of the headache away from the Libav devs who don’t use Apple platforms to answer some support questions. For us who like apples, a nice, clean Swift API might be very nice, and save a lot of time and headaches. I might be able to produce such a thing, first somewhat limited and rudimentary, and then mature it over time. 
> Would anyone be interested in such an API? 

I’ve been using libav for about 2 years now in my own project as well as in the company I’m working for.
We share a common FFmpegContext class with a couple hundred lines of code only to grab video frames and audio samples in a format we can use.

So, yes. I would love to see a high-level wrapper taking the implementation specific burdens off our shoulders.
Basically, all I'd want is: 
- give me a frame at this index (and if there’s some inter frame coding to be done, just do it for me)
- give me audio samples starting from x and ending at y

While it’s rather straight forward to use libav when you have your code set up, it’s really tough getting started as application developers need to get deep into video coding to be able to use the platform.

There was only one FFmpeg wrapper at the time I was investigating that could deliver frames reliably at a given index (I don’t remember the name).
Unfortunately, it was unusable as it needed to index the file first. Well, telling your customer that he needs to wait 20 seconds before he can playback a large file is of course not doable.

A big +1 here.



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