[Libav-user] Would anyone find an OS X / Cocoa / Swift wrapper for Libav useful?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Jan 23 20:57:02 CET 2015

Bradley O'Hearne <brado at ...> writes:

> My purpose here isn’t to recite a laundry list 
> of problems encountered, or debate design 
> issues, or poke holes in FFmpeg in general.

But this is what this mailing list is here for.
Or to say it differently: It is the only thing 
we - the FFmpeg developers - expect from you.

> What I believe would be more universally 
> agreeable (and safer turf for discussion, which 
> is my desire) is the fact that FFmpeg is very 
> scantily documented

So what you suggest - iiuc - is that instead of 
improving the documentation of current FFmpeg you 
want to invest your time in developing another 
wrapper for FFmpeg?

> More to the specific case of OS X and iOS — 
> those developing on those platforms will 
> likely be using one or more of the following 
> frameworks: QTKit, AVFoundation, AudioToolbox, 
> VideoToolbox.

I am sorry if I misunderstand this:
You do realize that three of these 
frameworks are supported by FFmpeg?
And that patches improving this support are 
(of course) welcome!

Carl Eugen

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