[Libav-user] mjr to opus audio conversion - corrupted results

Paul B Mahol onemda at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 17:20:46 CEST 2015

On 7/9/15, Mateusz Koslacz <mateusz.koslacz at 4vod.tv> wrote:
> Thanks Francois.
> Well, Paul wrote that "From that conversation it is evident you are using
> Libav and not FFmpeg. And so we can not help you." and "From that
> conversation it is evident you are using Libav and not FFmpeg. And so we
> can not help you.".
> The thing that makes me confused is that I have not installed any Libav
> resources, but I have installed ffmpeg and janus using this script (which
> is included in this conversation from which is somehow evident that I am
> not using FFmpeg but Libav) on a fresh install of ubuntu 14.04.2 :

In the conversation encoder was listed as lavf something with last
number not .100
So that points whatever created that file is not ffmpeg itself.

> #!/bin/bash
>> aptitude update
>> aptitude -y full-upgrade
>> aptitude -y install libmicrohttpd-dev libjansson-dev libnice-dev \
>>     libssl-dev libsrtp-dev libsofia-sip-ua-dev libglib2.0-dev \
>>     libopus-dev libogg-dev libini-config-dev libcollection-dev \
>>     pkg-config gengetopt libtool automake checkinstall git yasm
> cd
>> git clone git://source.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg
>> cd ~/ffmpeg
>> ./configure --enable-libopus
>> make
>> checkinstall -y --pkgversion="1.0.0"

If you are building from this source you are using ffmpeg.

> cd
>> git clone https://github.com/meetecho/janus-gateway.git
>> cd ~/janus-gateway
>> git checkout pprec-opus-libav
>> sh autogen.sh
>> ./configure --prefix=/opt/janus --enable-post-processing
>> --disable-websockets --disable-data-channels --disable-rabbitmq
>> --disable-docs
>> make
>> checkinstall -y --pkgversion="1.0.0"
>> make configs
> Moreover, sites:
> http://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Using%20libav*
> https://www.ffmpeg.org/libavcodec.html
> https://www.ffmpeg.org/libavformat.html
> claims that FFmpeg developers are authors of FFmpeg included libavcodec and
> libavformat libraries, and this libraries are part of the FFmpeg.
> Name of this list stands as "libav-user - For questions about using the
> FFmpeg libraries and API :  This list is about using libavcodec,
> libavformat, libavutil, libavdevice and libavfilter."
> To clarify - am I mailing the right list? I thought that I was using FFmpeg
> API. If not, I could mail Libav mail lists also.
> Concerning your suggestions - I added avcodec_register_all() to the code
> before, but as it had not changed anything I haven't pushed that changes.
> Sorry for not informing you about it.
> As you can see in the install script, I compile FFmpeg with libopus
> enabled, and FFmpeg general documentation (
> https://www.ffmpeg.org/general.html) declares that ogg support is provided
> out of the box.
> I'll take a look atav_packet_rescale_ts() function, but before going to
> that point, I would like to generate working .opus file using FFmpeg
> libraries.
> I'm wondering if ffmpeg .opus headers are created correctly in this case.
> After not very elegant operation, which was manually replacing in vim
> ffmpeg generated header by this generated by libogg, I got pretty different
> results.
> opusinfo output for file generated using ffmpeg libraries:
> New logical stream (#1, serial: 550f772e): type unknown
> Logical stream 1 ended

Could you post exact steps to reproduce your issue?

Does same problem arise with ffmpeg program?

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