[Libav-user] HEVC and VAAPI

Ratin ratin3 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 01:28:17 CEST 2015

Latest ffmpeg on git does no seem to have hwaccel support for HEVC codec,
but it does for VDPAU and dxva. Is it something not going to be supported
at all ? According to libva mailing list, support is there for HEVC.

~/ffmpeg-git#  ./configure --list-hwaccels
h263_vaapi        hevc_d3d11va        mpeg4_vaapi
h263_vdpau        hevc_dxva2        mpeg4_vdpau
h264_d3d11va        hevc_vdpau        vc1_d3d11va
h264_dxva2        mpeg1_vdpau        vc1_dxva2
h264_mmal        mpeg1_xvmc        vc1_vaapi
h264_qsv        mpeg2_d3d11va        vc1_vdpau
h264_vaapi        mpeg2_dxva2        wmv3_d3d11va
h264_vda        mpeg2_vaapi        wmv3_dxva2
h264_vda_old        mpeg2_vdpau        wmv3_vaapi
h264_vdpau        mpeg2_xvmc        wmv3_vdpau


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